Exploring the implications of automation for jobs and places

It is a hot topic in most societies. This reflects existing issues such as unemployment, inequality and – in Europe and US – stagnant living standards It is also a response to the emergence of new business models often based on platforms such as Uber or Upwork. Beyond...

On ne badine pas avec la qualité

À l’ONU, l’automatisation et la fièvre productiviste menacent la qualité des traductions. Il existe aujourd’hui sur Internet d'excellents traducteurs automatiques gratuits, qui produisent à grand renfort d'«intelligence artificielle» des phrases très structurées et...

Views from Young UN on the future of work

What does the Next UN look like and how do we get there? The article shares findings of a study by Young UN on how we can navigate from Today’s UN – where too often bureaucracy impedes the UN’s ability to deliver on its purpose – to Next UN, an empowered organization...

The future of work

There are growing concerns that robots and artificial intelligence will soon replace humans, hence the role of businesses and governments become crucial to avoid job losses and higher inequality. Recent progress in artificial intelligence has been stunning: machines...

Reshaping our workplace culture for the future

As the upheaval of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is felt across the globe, businesses and organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. The United Nations is no exception. In the 2017 UN Staff Engagement Survey, more than half of respondents...

The Future of Work: The UN Staff Members’ Perspective

The United Nations preaches to the world that we should ensure a world of social justice and decent work for all. Perhaps we should begin at home. It is always better to have a taste of our own medicine before prescribing it to others. Don’t you think? Read the...


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