Articles by author: Prisca Chaoui and Ian Richards

Articles by author:

Prisca Chaoui and Ian Richards

The UN’s social peacemaker

As President of the UN’s Staff Management Committee, do you think management is really consulting staff representatives on conditions of service and welfare as it should? The rules on staff-management consultations are over a decade old. It is a result of much give...

The staff view on Antonio Guterres: what is his legacy?

It’s been four and a half years since Antonio Guterres assumed the position of Secretary- General. Many readers of UN Today, being keen followers of international affairs, will right now be discussing the legacy of his first term. We will skip his contribution to...

Would you want to work in the UN of the future?

Last month, a report from a management task force on the future of work at the UN caused considerable consternation among staff with a proposal for new, agile staff contracts. We asked two of those responsible for the report for their views on the future of work both...

Larbi Djacta, ICSC Chair: I am making the ICSC more transparent

UN Today recently met with Larbi Djacta, the Chair of the International Civil Service Commission, the body that recommends our salaries and conditions of service.You were elected chair of the ICSC, two years ago, at a time when the credibility of the Commission and...