Articles by author: Philippa Greer

Articles by author:

Philippa Greer

Where the sea reflects the sky

Gazing out to the Mediterranean Sea, my eyes followed the fishermen’s boats sprinkled across the shimmering water. Suggestive of all the things that come to mind when one gazes out to a sea being struck by the sun’s rays, the water sparkled like glitter: evoking a...

Bringing law to the world’s disaster zones

"Now is the time to choose the rocky road instead of the paved path. You may have to move many obstacles on your journey to success, but when you arrive you will be much stronger for the effort.” Ban Ki-moon  My human rights journey began years before I had the words...

Breaking the blue glass ceiling: The tenth UN Secretary-General

13 December 2021. At long last, the blue glass ceiling has shattered. Millions watched as she was sworn in, long overdue, her hand on a copy of the UN Charter, the first female in history to take the oath of office to become the tenth United Nations Secretary-General....