Agenda culturel d’octobre

JazzContreBand 01 - 27 octobre 2020 Au-delà d’un festival dédié à la musique jazz, c’est un événement phare dans le paysage culturel franco-suisse. Avec plus de 70 concerts en Suisse et en France, près de 200 artistes, 1 tremplin et 1...

Time for ‘Demopraxy’ and the Rebirth of society

Interview (over skype) with maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto, the world-renowned artist, creator of the Rebirth sculpture at the Palais des Nations. Maestro Pistoletto is still recovering from the COVID-19 virus after a long isolation in a hospital in Biella, Italy....

A Glimpse of a New Book on the World Health Organization, A History

The roots of the World Health Organization can be traced to the development during the nineteenth century of “international health”, which emerged primarily as a response to epidemic and pandemic threats perceived to be coming to Western Europe from “the East.”...


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