Articles by author: Fariza Ahmadova

Articles by author:

Fariza Ahmadova

A coffee cult

It is still unclear how coffee is able to keep its mysteriousness and its allure to this day, being the most popular drink amongst all branches of society. Fashionistas carry it in their trendy mugs, intellectuals use it for inspiration and doctors drink it to stay...

Chovqan the original polo

While modern day polo is one of the most acclaimed and prestigious sports in the world, its origins inspire the relationship between horses and humans present to this day. We may associate polo with aristocracy and the British Empire, but the sport has been around for...

Villa d’Este, Lake Como

For centuries, Lake Como has served as an inspiration to poets, artists, and musicians such as Puccini, Liszt, and Verdi. One of Italy’s most iconic and luxurious properties, Villa d’Este is a gem on the famous Lake Como. Dating from the sixteenth century, the...

“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

If you are a woman reading this, have you ever thought of yourself as a cheetah? Glennon Doyle’s memoir Untamed compares cheetahs caged in a zoo to women in a patriarchal world. Untamed was released in March 2020, but is still one of the most...

Azerbaijan, a country of fusion

The French have a phrase to describe something that is exceptionally beautiful: “À couper le souffle !” This is one way to describe Azerbaijan! A gem of the Caspian Sea, this is now a popular travel destination that offers futuristic marvels alongside historic charms,...

Deliciously speaking

A busy day at work leaves us no other choice but to daydream about a getaway to our ideal vacation spot. While the white beaches of Thailand and the Great Wall of China may seem far away, an exquisite culinary journey is just around the corner. After all, the most...