UN secretariat lagging behind on internship reform

By Fair Internship Initiative Mr. Guterres, why do you think interns should not be paid? It has been known for some time now that the UN Secretariat policy on internships requires reform. In 2018, the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) identified 16 benchmarks that...

UN pension fund: Two steps forward, one step back

The Assembly’s reform efforts of the past several years evoke the plight of that ancient toiler: Sisyphus: two steps forward, one step back. Real progress will require a change in the culture of the Board and fund Secretariat management. The United Nations General...

Interview with UNOG Director-General Ms. Tatiana Valovaya

What drives UNOG’s new DGUN Special speaks to the new UNOG Director-General on the people that inspired her, her role in the transformation of the Soviet Union, and the future of multilateralism in Geneva.I walked into the Director-General’s office. Unlike a previous...


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