Articles by author: Rowan Downing

Articles by author:

Rowan Downing

Is our investigations process fit for purpose?

It must be understood that disciplinary matters for the United Nations, whilst having some similarities with discipline within national civil services, differ in respect of the inclusion of matters which may be regarded as criminal within a Member State and would be...

UNDT and UNAT: Defining the role

There is no doubt that the judges in the United Nations Dispute Tribunal (UNDT) and the United Nations Appeals Tribunal (UNAT) act independently, within the laws provided and without fear or favour in reaching their decisions. It appears, however, that the judicial...

Independence for the UN Dispute and Appeals Tribunals

A tribunal must be separated from the other arms of governance, that is the legislature, as represented in the United Nations context by the General Assembly and the executive, as represented by the Secretariat. Separation must be such that the judges have security of...