Articles by author: Julián Ginzo

Articles by author:

Julián Ginzo

How Covid impacted on Geneva’s Beau Rivage

With an international Geneva totally inactive –and without conferences– the impact on Beau Rivage has been immense. The occupation of some of the 5-star-hotels depends largely on the clientele of diplomatic business and large events. With no such activities, there has...

Will we enjoy opera and ballet in 2021?

It is an uncertain exercise, but definitely worth it. Do you have an idea how the pandemic has affected the theatre? What about how the forecast for 2021 looks like? Several UN Staff are regulars to this unique venue in Geneva – the most important theatre in the...

Interpreting the interpreter

The portfolio of adjectives becomes immense when referring to talented individuals – and sometimes you just cannot find the right one. This is what happened when I had the opportunity to talk to Vilmos. Sorry, to Guillermo. Sorry, to Alberto. Apologies, to all three....

Would open-space and COVID-19 agree to live together in 2021?

The Covid-19 pandemic is giving rise to many concerns and fears among staff at a time when the literature remains very divided regarding the means of transmission of the virus. In order to get an answer to some of staff concerns, we have interviewed Ms. Sarah Holder...

Ms Adversity, let’s go for a walk

The story has globally become known, not only for the episode that happened –the cause– but also for the impact –the consequence–. Not so long ago; I have had the opportunity – and the privilege– to vibrate as rarely in my life when I listened to it, face to face, by...

His abilities. Their disabilities

Last year the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy was launched by the Secretary-General, enabling the UN system to support the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other international human rights instruments, as...