Articles by author: Jake Sanders

Articles by author:

Jake Sanders

From the battlefield to the UN

Here’s what Mr. Duley said when I asked him to explain how his unique experiences had shaped his understanding of war-torn environments and how they are represented. “When I was thirty I switched from working as a photographer in the world of fashion and music, to...

The Human Rights Council – a rich story

With a long career and successful past working at the Human Rights Council, what made Mr. Tistounet want to write the book at this point in time and what objectives did he have when he was writing it? He explains that: “the idea came to me during a sabbatical leave...

Swiss diplomacy – staff mobility is paramount

Moving is always difficult. Yet people move all the time, for countless reasons. Sometimes we need to move to be closer to family or friends, or because we want a change of scenery. Many people would prefer to live nearer to nature and green spaces than reside in...

Victoria Hall – a treasured Romandy landmark

One of Romandy’s most culturally significant locations has to be Victoria Hall, Geneva’s iconic concert hall which has firmly cemented itself as a cultural landmark in the city. Built in the 1890s, the hall’s construction was financed by the British consul Daniel...

Global youth – don’t write us off just yet

The world’s population is growing and getting younger – now more than half of humanity is under the age of 30 – constituting the largest young cohort in history. Current UN estimates suggest the world population will reach more than 10.8 billion by the year 2100, an...

COP26 – Has America’s chance to lead disappeared for good?

A world on the brink 2020 was a bad year for many reasons, but especially for Earth’s climate. 2021 may turn out to be an even worse one. Germany, Haiti, China and Greece, among many others, all suffered at the hands of the destructive rage of our rapidly warming...