Articles by author: Vedant Kulkarni

Articles by author:

Vedant Kulkarni

Knowing Azerbaijan – the land of fire, equity, and development!

Excellency, what are the key priorities of Azerbaijan’s mission in this decade, and why are they important for the world? One of the key priority areas for Azerbaijan is developing, digitising, and modernising land, rail, and energy transport routes. Developing our...

India – Peace, multilateralism, and inclusive development

Excellency, could you please share with us briefly a few words about your career and how it has shaped your life?  I joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1990 and have served as Consul General of India in Guangzhou, China; Deputy Ambassador of India to France;...

UN Ocean Conference 2022. What to expect?

Amidst economic and geopolitical turmoil, we have been ignoring the threats to our ecosystems due to our destructive actions. One of such existential threats to humanity is the turmoil in our Ocean Ecosystems. The concern? - Marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean of...

Did WHO do enough to curb COVID-19?

Did you too notice that with increasing news from the Russia-Ukraine geopolitical crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have vanished! But the reality is that 2 million COVID-19 cases add up every day, and several nations (especially in the global south) have...