Articles by author: Maritza Ascencios

Articles by author:

Maritza Ascencios

How the UN evacuated staff during Covid

Imagine. A medical evacuation request comes at 2 a.m. Literally hundreds of calls to make, messages to send. The ministry of health, the United Nations resident coordinator, country authorities, countless others. Negotiations, an aviation team, paperwork – passports,...

Two colleagues and their podcast

Daniel Johnson and Solange Behoteguy-Cortes, Producer and Commentator of the United Nations Information Service in Geneva, are the team behind a successful series that has now reached its 50th podcast. How did you come up with the concept for this podcast? Daniel:...

Rebeca Grynspan is the first… and she is listening

Economist, former Vice-President of Costa Rica (1994–1998), Minister of Housing, Minister Coordinator of Economic and Social Affairs, and Deputy Finance Minister. At the United Nations Development Programme, Under-Secretary-General and Associate Administrator, former...