Articles by author: Valérie Coutarel

Articles by author:

Valérie Coutarel

Understanding Ecuador’s diplomatic priorities

Your Excellency, please tell us briefly about your career, why you joined the diplomatic service, and how you were appointed to your current position as Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the UN? I have been involved in the public area of diplomacy from many...

People power: a citizen’s festival for the SDGs

Did you know that, since 2012, every year during the High-Level Week of the General Assembly, the Global Citizen Festival brings together thousands of global citizens, artists, activists, world leaders, philanthropists, corporate leaders, and more in Central Park to...

La diplomatie: plus qu’un métier, un sacerdoce

Son Excellence Omar Hilale, Représentant permanent du Royaume du Maroc près l’Organisation des Nations Unies à New York, nous parle à cœur ouvert de sa carrière de diplomate de haut vol. Excellence, pourriez-vous nous dire brièvement quel a été votre parcours jusqu’à...

A message of peace through music and education

Andrea Bocelli has enamored audiences around the world throughout his illustrious career. But it is not only his voice that the world’s most famous tenor is known for: he also champions philanthropic initiatives and causes that are making a concrete impact in people’s...