Articles by author: Gudrun Beger

Articles by author:

Gudrun Beger

The weaker sex? An exhibition on women and power at Morges castle

This, amongst others, was a legacy of the concept of “weaker sex” or “imbecillitas sexus”, derived from Roman law, literally meaning the weakness of female mental power, and had a lasting influence on the role assigned to women. Society severely limited female civil...

At the service of the League of Nations

From the time, when in 1919 the first Secretary General, Sir Eric Drummond started working out of a small London office with a staff of only three, until the handover of the League of Nation’s assets to the United Nations, by Sean Leister in Geneva on 18 April 1946,...

The world’s most travelled document

In his novel “The World of Yesterday”, the Austrian author Stefan Zweig, described the freedom of movement that prevailed during the “Belle Epoque” (1871-1914). Back then, travelers could roam the world unhindered, provided they had sufficient means to support...