Articles by author: Daniel Nazarov

Articles by author:

Daniel Nazarov

Placing people at the centre of sustainable development

Over the past 60 years, UNITAR has served as the United Nations’ main training and capacity-building arm. Ever since joining UNITAR in January 2020, I have become accustomed to the perplexed reactions from partners and colleagues alike when they hear that my...

Are we ready for the next health crisis? 

What have we done right and wrong in the past? Have we learned lessons from the most recent outbreak? What are the next steps for a better outbreak response? And how does this all tie in with International Day of Epidemic Preparedness in December? Dr. Sylvie Briand,...

How education can help us out of corruption

M. Seth (*), what are the most effective tools to fight corruption? On the largest level, there is the creation of effective institutions, such as independent and specialized anti-corruption agencies and audit institutions on the national and international scales;...