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U.N. Parents

Parents working as UN consultants left in the lurch

1 June marks the Global Day of Parents. On this occasion, we have dedicated the fourth episode of our Parents’ Voices series to the situation of non-staff categories at the UN. Often called the UN’s “forgotten workforce,” consultants and individual contractors receive...

Parental leave in the UN: Where do we stand?

“Inclusive parental leave is not only a women’s issue. Standardized parental leave, as indicated in the SG’s System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity, is a key component of creating a more enabling environment." (1) Secretary-General António Guterres launched the...

Fifteen recommendations to bring about equal parenting at the UN

For the UN to be and to remain a credible advocate for gender equality, as well as an inclusive and attractive employer, parental leave policies need to be standardized across the system. This would include an increase to a minimum of 24 weeks parental leave for all...

Parents share their stories

If you joined the UN when you were young, or when you did not yet have a family, you probably didn’t give the UN’s parental leave policies a second thought. Starting a family while working for one of the most respected and prestigious global employers, and knowing...

The UN’s parental leave policies need to change

In our first article published on 9 November 2021, we relied on our own experiences to raise awareness about the insufficient maternity and paternity leave offered by the UN. We also highlighted the fact that the education grant only applies from the start of primary...

Equal parenting at the UN – it’s about time

“We live in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture and male-dominated power structures. This has inevitably affected the institutional culture of the United Nations...” said Secretary-General António Guterres in his opening remarks at virtual dialogue...