Articles by author: Gemma Capellas Espuny and Jesus Guerrero Buitrago

Articles by author:

Gemma Capellas Espuny and Jesus Guerrero Buitrago

Lead and thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Embark on a transformative journey with Shine: Lead and Thrive in an AI World, an extraordinary invitation to unlock the profound essence of leadership. In this captivating book, the author unveils eight game-changing strategies and a sophisticated toolbox, empowering...

Let’s celebrate Spanish Language Day

Miguel de Cervantes is thought to have died in 1616 on 23 April, which is supposedly when William Shakespeare also died which explains why English Language Day is also celebrated on this day.  The Association of Spanish International Civil Servants (AFIE) is an...

Escuela de escritura: a reflection on writers and their craft

How far would you go to astonish the world with a masterpiece? What would you be willing to do to have your exceptional talent recognized? These questions are at the heart of this fast-paced and riveting story, which begins in a cemetery and unfolds within the context...

Ideology, power and human body. The contemporary political novel

A representative sample of novels written after 2011 from a mixed perspective of Marxist and post-structuralist philosophy with literary criticism. Maria Ayete Gil graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Salamanca, with a master’s degree in Literary...