Articles by author: Christel Nonnenmacher

Articles by author:

Christel Nonnenmacher

Transformative power of mindful conversations

On a sunny afternoon in New York, we metwith Ms. Susan John, Chief of Office for the United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation Services (“the Office”) to review her first year in the position and discuss informal conflict resolution. Skilled and passionate Passionate...

A time for civility and office kinship

The Covid-19 pandemic strongly impacts our habits, as working virtually for longer periods is a new experience for many. We offer you some tips to make this work!Your Ombudsman is here to help! In this trying period, your Regional Ombudsman, Mr. Theotocatos, and his...

Interview with Shireen Dodson, UN Ombudsman

The UN Ombudsman reflects on her first year at the United Nations and shares her vision for 2020. We recently sat down with Ms. Dodson, UN Ombudsman, who joined the United Nations in September 2018. You have been appointed as UN Ombudsman a little over a year ago. How...