Articles by author: Vedant Kulkarni

Articles by author:

Vedant Kulkarni

3 secrets to mastering emotions in an emergency

Picture this: you’re in a situation where thousands of lives depend on your action. You have no room for error and no backup plan. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, and the clock is ticking. This might be a familiar situation if you are someone who...

The myth of a ‘work-life balance’ and how to get it right

Although we say “work-life” balance, work and life are not two different entities. The reason why we separated ‘work’ and are trying to balance it with ‘life’ is because we have made: 1. Work = stressful 2. Our working day longer than the time spentfor ourselves or...

International Day of Yoga: a day to dive within

Today, yoga needs no introduction. Moreover, its benefits, ranging from physical and mental strength to even the cure of several chronic illnesses, need no explanation too. However, it’s time to understand yoga more deeply — beyond just the practice — as a path to...

Vesak Day: celebrating enlightenment

For several thousands of years, seekers have tried to decode the deepest secrets of life, happiness, and the universe. There are many abundant sources of such precious insights available from various regions of the world. One such perennial stream of wisdom has been...

Unwind at work: harnessing the power of yoga to reduce stress

Long work hours, office politics, and multitasking take a massive toll on your mind and body. Most of us turn a blind eye to this accumulating stress and end up with a weak body, an agitated mind, damaged relationships, and increased spending on healthcare. The key to...

The secret to making better decisions: attending our breath

As world leaders, bureaucrats, and even executives, decision-making is all over our to-do lists. Many of these decisions are not just critical but life-changing for millions. While we have prowess in making decisions, several factors like stress, burnout, and even the...