Articles by author: Anyuli Mercedes Gonzalez-Oliver

Articles by author:

Anyuli Mercedes Gonzalez-Oliver

The power of redemption in art

How did you become the world-renowned artist that you are and choose artivism? I’m proud to come from a humble background. I grew up in the neighborhood of Campo Limpo in the city of Sao Paulo. I’m a self-taught artist, and due to my background, I had to fight ten...

The ACABQ: a beginner’s guide

“Experience matters when you deal with budgetary and administrative issues, particularly in the context of the UN,” asserted Mr. Abdallah Bachar Bong. He currently chairs the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), a subsidiary organ of...

The story behind the Palais’s peacocks

The peacocks seem out of place strutting around the grounds of the Palais des Nations in their colorful and feathery regalia. They are quite friendly and often approach visitors with a curious expression from their beady eyes and elongated necks. One may be forgiven...

The ties that bind us

On 23 April, United Nations staff will come together in all duty stations to celebrate Spanish Language Day and honor the language and cultures of over 500 million speakers. “Twenty UN member states are Spanish-speaking countries” explained Mr. Cristobal Osuna, chief...

Diversity equals excellence

Diversity is good for all of us”, said Ana Casades matter-of-factly, as she shrugged and looked across to me. “It goes to the core of what the UN is about,” added her colleague, María Carolina López Uribe. Ms. Casades and Ms. López Uribe are both Spanish language...