Articles by author: Alex Mejia and Daniel Nazarov

Articles by author:

Alex Mejia and Daniel Nazarov

A New Paradigm: Living in Geneva in Pandemic Times

Because of the Coronavirus global health crisis, we now behave differently. Coping with all these changes can be stressful. Still, we continue to deliver under this new paradigm. Every night at 9:00 pm my wife and I go out to the balcony...

Editorial – April 2020

Alexander Mejia, Editor-in-chief The 2019 Coronavirus disease (COVID‑19) pandemic has affected the way we work at the United Nations in Geneva in ways that we could not have conceived when this all began. Switzerland is in state of emergency, Geneva is in lock down...

The Future of Work: The UN Staff Members’ Perspective

The United Nations preaches to the world that we should ensure a world of social justice and decent work for all. Perhaps we should begin at home. It is always better to have a taste of our own medicine before prescribing it to others. Don’t you think? Read the...

Editorial – February 2020

This is a special editorial. It is the first of what we hope becomes a long line of welcome messages to introduce every edition of our new magazine, UN Today. After more than 70 years, UN Special has been replaced by UN Today, given the changing nature of our...