Editorial – May 2020
5 May 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around theworld, and we continue to work from home, amidst a delugeof negative news and somber statistics. However, wehave also witnessed good news in the middle of this historiccrisis: the UN humanitarian efforts have been maintainedand actually expanded, in a permanent quest to reach outto the furthest behind first, and to not leave anyone behind.That is the ethos of our mission, to help the poor and protectthe vulnerable; to remember the needy and focus onthe disadvantaged. It is more than just words in our UNCharter or phrases in the preamble of the UN Resolutioncreating the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.It is a reality and a priority that we live every day in Geneva,as our city is front and centre in all UN relief efforts.

We are proud to bring to you in this new digital edition coveragethat shed light on this side of the UN family in thisbeautiful city. You will read interviews with Filippo Grandi,the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, withRobert Mardini, the new Director-General of the ICRC, andwith UNOG Director-General, Tatiana Valovaya to addressstaff concerns in these particular circumstances.

We continue our popular 3 questions series, this time withthe CEO of the Geneva Airport on how it is surviving duringthe crisis. Other topics include, among others, the InternationalDay for Mine Awareness and a presentation of a bookon the history and roots of the World Health Organization.We are also mourning the loss of one of our most respectedcolleagues, Ambassador Idriss Jazairy with an article on hislong and illustrious career.

A mix of emotions, but we continue with our eyes fixed ahead, on the spirit of the UN and its mission.

Enjoy your reading !

* Alex Mejia is Director of the Division for People and Social Inclusion at UNITAR; Daniel Nazarov is a Programme Coordinator at UNITAR.

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