Articles by author: Antoine Tardy

Articles by author:

Antoine Tardy

Chronicles of everyday diplomacy

What is more revealing: what goes on record or what is left out? Isn’t a skilled negotiator able to have a global vision of what is going on, keeping mindful of the fact that our perception of reality is fragmentary, and that any issue ought to be looked at from...

Chronicles of everyday diplomacy

Switzerland has long specialized in providing a neutral venue for discreet encounters and discussions. In the present case, religious and community leaders from Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium, and France gathered somewhere above ‘Lac Léman’ to explore ways to counter...

“Go out there, be a photographer”

April 2016, I am sitting on a train gliding along the pretty lakes of central Switzerland and my life is about to take a decisive turn. In my hand is the job description for the position as Photo Editor of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The paper is entirely covered...