The first edition of The Colombia Migrant Film Festival 2022 at the border wall between Tijuana and San Diego (Mexico -United States) © PRESS AND COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE OF THE COLOMBIA MIGRANT FILM FESTIVAL 2023

The Colombia Migrant Film Festival: resignifying new territories
This cultural celebration will take place during one week from 1 to 8 October 2023
1 Oct 2023

In a world where migration and forced displacement have left a deep mark on the lives of millions of people, cultural events such as the Colombia Migrant Film Festival serve as valuable platforms for reflection, understanding and action. This festival, now in its second edition, is more than a showcase for films; it is a meeting point where audiovisual narrative intertwines with the reality of migration, generating an enriching and necessary global dialogue. 

The Colombia Migrant Film Festival (Festival de Cine Colombia Migrante) is an initiative led and coordinated by artists, victims’ organizations, migrants, refugees, cultural managers, exiles, and human rights defenders inside and outside Colombia, with the aim of generating links, creating support networks, guiding and promoting the different artistic manifestations that narrate the complexity of the phenomena of Colombian migration.

This is why the Festival will be held in person in 41 cities around the world and virtually through its website during the first week of October.

Countries such as Argentina, Chile, USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Belgium and Colombia will receive the screenings that tell of the experiences of the routes of displacement, of the displaced population in the peripheries of the cities, of land dispossession, territorial resistance, return, exile, adaptation to other countries and the stories of those who stay behind.

For the second edition of the Colombia Migrant Film Festival, the central theme is forced internal and cross-border displacement, a social phenomenon that has left indelible marks on millions of victims inside and outside the country.

Approximately 90% of the victims have been non-combatant civilians and there are more than 9 million internally, externally or cross-border displaced people. In this version of the Festival, we want to create a space for memory and the reconstruction of the social fabric with other migrant communities and host communities. 

This is a space that unites people from all corners of the world through these powerful, moving and transformative stories told through film, art and culture. There will be 72 productions that will invite us to reflect on the importance of remembering and understanding the past in order to build a reflective, fair, inclusive and transformative present.

This initiative has expanded beyond our borders and we are delighted to be able to bring these powerful audiovisual productions 

to an international audience, taking a significant step forward by holding the Colombia Migrant Film Festival in Geneva, Switzerland for the first time. This city, with its long history of being a global epicenter for discussions and the defense of human rights, is an ideal setting to share these stories that find a means of expression for peace through films. See you in the cinemas!

For more information:,, @colmigrantefest. 

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