Surojit Gupta, Associate Editor, The Times of India. Credits: SG

Surojit Gupta, Associate Editor, The Times of India. Credits: SG

Media dialogues: Surojit Gupta
Associate Editor of The Times of India, the most-read English newspaper with +13.5 million readers, 51 editions every morning and a daily circulation of +4 million copies
26 Apr 2024

This article is part of a series of interviews with people who work in the media to provide the news and views that shape our perceptions of world affairs. Surojit Gupta, Associate Editor from The Times of India, spoke to UN Today about his life and career in media.

What is your professional background?

I started out as a sports journalist, but after a few years I switched careers to focus on business journalism. In my career of over three decades I have covered a range of issues. from budgets to global summits. I have had the opportunity of interviewing Finance Ministers, CEOs, Central Bank Governors, leading politicians and policymakers.

I have worked for several top media brands such as Reuters, Press Trust of India, United News of India, The Statesman newspaper and for the past nearly 14 years I’ve been with The Times of India– one of the largest English language dailies in the world. I have also filed for the BBC, Deutsche Welle and appeared on TV and radio programmes in India and overseas.

What’s the best interview you have ever done?

The most interesting interview that I have done –among many– was with the then Finance Minister of India, Jaswant Singh, just before the general elections in 2004.

We were driving in a convoy tailing the then FM’s cavalcade and suddenly in the midst of the Jodhpur-Jaisalmer highway, we were told to stop. The minister came out of his car and said he wanted to do the interview. It was one of the most memorable interviews in my career which took place on a highway over a fabulous course of tea and snacks served in the most regal style. In fact, the dateline for that interview was on the Jodhpur Jaisalmer highway.

Surojit interviews Bill Gates. Credits: The Times of India. Article.

What is the interview you’d like to do but haven’t been able to yet?

I would have liked to interview Nelson Mandela – one of the most inspiring figures of our time.

What is your view on the role of media?

The role of the media remains important as ever. It has become even more crucial in the era of fake news, deep fakes and the challenge posed by technology. A thriving media will help preserve democracy and faith in the system.

What is your vision of media 10 years from now?

I would like to see the media even stronger than now: upholding the values of democracy and freedom. New media outlets. particularly digital, should help to cover the difficult stories and unravel the truth. I would like future generations to be enamoured by the power of print and be in love with the printed word.

Surojit analyzes the middle class growth in India. Credits: The Times of India. Article.

Could you share an interesting work-related anecdote?

There are many. In India, The Budget is a big news story and I still remember the time when I had to scramble together, using the skills of a footballer, to grab the only telephone line available in the Press Area of Parliament to shout out the headlines. Those were the days when mobile phones were rare.

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