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Sport for the promotion of peace and humanity
Football Tournament Event - 26 June 2024, Stade de Varembé, Geneva
25 Jun 2024

Following the remarkable success of the two previous football tournaments, we are thrilled to announce the 3rd edition of this esteemed event.

This year’s tournament is themed “Sport for the Promotion of Peace and Humanity,” highlighting the profound role of sport in fostering global peace, tolerance, and understanding. The event aims to bring together diverse communities, promoting unity and goodwill through the universal language of football.

Promoting peace and solidarity through sport

The primary objective of this tournament is to leverage the unifying power of sport to promote peace, tolerance, and cross-cultural understanding. The event seeks to foster cooperation, friendship, and solidarity among participants, transcending national borders and cultural differences. The previous editions have successfully demonstrated the diplomatic community’s enthusiasm and commitment to these ideals, significantly contributing to the well-being of participants and the achievement of the tournament’s goals.

A platform for connection and well-being

This year’s tournament will once again provide a unique platform for members of the diplomatic missions and the UN Football Club to connect. The event promotes not only physical fitness but also mental health, well-being, and essential social values. It is a celebration of community spirit, health, and camaraderie.

Special activities for kids

In addition to the main event, this year’s tournament will feature a special activity for children. A football activity for kids aged 5 to 13 will be held before the tournament concludes, offering a fun and engaging experience for young football enthusiasts. Gifts will be distributed to all participating children, ensuring a memorable day for the youngest attendees.

Teams and participation

The competition will see eight teams of delegates representing various regional groups and the UN Geneva Football Club:
1. African States
2. Arab States
3. Asia-Pacific and Oceania States
4. European States
5. Gulf Cooperation Council States
6. North, Central American, and Caribbean States
7. South American States
8. United Nations Geneva Football Club

Event details
• Date: Wednesday, 26 June 2024
• Time: 12:00 to 18:00
• Venue: Stade de Varembé, Geneva (close to the Palais des Nations)

Generous support and sponsors

This event is made possible through the generous support of the Qatar National Human Rights Committee, and the Generation Amazing Foundation.

Open invitation

Entrance to the tournament is free, and all are welcome to attend. We especially encourage families and children to join us in supporting the teams and enjoying a day filled with fun, sport, and community spirit. Come and cheer for your group and be part of this extraordinary event that champions the values of peace and humanity through the beautiful game of football.

Join us at the Stade de Varembé on 26 June 2024 for a day of sport, unity, and celebration!

* Abdoul-Wali Mahdi is President of the United Nations Geneva Football Club
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