The world of the Rhaetian Railway offers experiences – for memories that last © RHÄTISCHE BAHN AG

Rhaetian Railway: an unforgettable trip
Traveling throughout Graubünden, the Rhaetian Railway creates lasting memories and takes its passengers to some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland
1 Jul 2024

Following the world record for the longest passenger train in October 2022, they have become a global celebrity; everyone knows the red carriages of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB). While traveling on RhB, enjoy culinary delights amid unique landscapes, smell the aroma of the herb fields in Valposchiavo, or experience nostalgic railway moments in historic carriages from the past. Throughout the canton of Graubünden, the Rhaetian Railway creates many lasting memories and takes its passengers to some of the most beautiful places in the whole of Switzerland.

The Bernina Express, with its large panoramic windows, is the flagship train of the RhB as it travels along the spectacular Albula Line. It is one of the top ten internationally best-known observation-car trains, and travels from Chur or St. Moritz to the most southerly Swiss valley of Valposchiavo and further to the Italian town of Tirano. The observation car train travels through 55 tunnels, crosses 196 bridges, and easily climbs to the highest point of the track at 2,253 meters above sea level in around four hours. Shortly before the Bernina Express leaves Switzerland, in sun-drenched Valposchiavo, Reto Raselli has created a true herb paradise. 

This is where peppermint, orange mint, sage, thyme, lemon balm and lady’s mantle grow. The range also includes spices such as oregano and lovage, which are grown against the idyllic backdrop of Lake Poschiavo and processed into organic herbs. The RhB makes this herb paradise in the mountains of Graubünden accessible: the trip on the Bernina Express goes down to Le Prese, where the tour of the fragrant herb fields and production site of the Raselli Erboristeria Biologica begins.

Journey through time in historical carriages

From Davos, Switzerland’s largest Alpine town, where the World Economic Forum (WEF) meets each year, there is a historical train composition that will make those with nostalgic hearts beat fast. It consists of passenger cars, open scenic carriages and freight wagons from the era of the Swiss railway pioneers and is often pulled by RhB’s legendary Crocodile locomotives. Nostalgia is combined with even more luxury in the Pullman coaches, in which elegance first took its place on the rails at the beginning of the 20th century. Consisting of two original Pullman coaches, the Glacier Pullman Express immerses passengers in the past. The train composition is completed by a piano carriage and two elegant Gourmino dining cars. The journey takes you on the world-famous tracks from St. Moritz to Zermatt, or vice versa.

Ospizio Bernina / Lago Bianco – The roof of the Rhaetian
Railway lies at 2,253 meters above sea level. The adjoining
Lago Bianco enchants travelers with its unique coloring © RHÄTISCHE BAHN AG

Delicious experiences for the senses

On RhB’s culinary trips, the view of the breathtaking landscape is accompanied by delicious fare. Dishes freshly prepared with local produce against the backdrop of Graubünden’s impressive mountains guarantee a railway experience in a class of its own. Travelling past picturesque villages, over fascinating viaducts, through rugged gorges and up majestic peaks, the nostalgic Gourmino dining cars from the 1930s run on various tracks throughout the canton. The offers include a wide range of different, often seasonal specialities, such as the Chur asparagus trip in May or a gourmet trip to Sri Lanka, where Asian cuisine meets Swiss panoramas, as well as trips with menus in harmony with selected wines or prepared with the versatile juniper schnapps or gin. Entertainment is provided by magic artist Tino Plaz on the Magic Gourmet Express from Chur to Samedan and back.

Immerse yourself in the era of the railway pioneers

A detour to the Landwasser Viaduct is a wonderful option on the way to Bergün. From Filisur station, the Landwasser Express takes you through the picturesque Graubünden village to the viewing platform, which offers a view of the imposing structure: 142 metres long and 65 metres high. The mighty viaduct was built in 1902 to complete the RhB Albula Line. A unique interplay of nature, culture and technology, which has rightly been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. Once you arrive in Bergün, the 

Albula Railway Museum right next to the station provides an insight into the history of the line. If you would like to travel along the Albula Line yourself, you can do so here in a simulator of the legendary Crocodile locomotive. More than 600 exhibits bear witness to pioneering work and bring the more than 100-year railway history of the Swiss canton of Graubünden back to life. 

It quickly becomes clear that RhB has long been more than just a means of transport. The Rhaetian Railway offers a world of experiences – for memories that last. 

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* Roman Bärtschi is Senior Consultant at Panta Rhei PR.
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