Oljana Maloku, News Anchor at TV Klan News. Credits: TV Klan News.

Oljana Maloku, News Anchor at TV Klan News. Credits: TV Klan News.

Media dialogues: Oljana Maloku
She is a news anchor for TV Klan News, a private Albanian television channel with national coverage, based in Tirana
5 Feb 2024

This article is part of a series of interviews with people who work in the media to provide the news and views that shape our perceptions of world affairs. Oljana Maloku, from TV Klan News, spoke to UN Today about her life and career in media.

What is your professional background?

Thank you for the invitation, I really appreciate your work and the initiative you have taken.

I have a degree in journalism and a master’s degree in public relations. Since 2012, when I finished my studies at the university, I immediately started working in the Albanian media. First in news TV, then in radio and today I am in several positions as a journalist in the biggest media group Klan TV. I am a news presenter on Klan TV and Klan News, and I am also the author and presenter of a show about business and economics on Klan Plus.

Today Oljana is seen by the public in two formats; in news broadcasts and in the presentation of a specific show dedicated to companies, where I go out into the field. I feel quite good in both roles and it’s hard to say which one I like more. News gives you an adrenaline rush, keeps you in touch with current affairs as a whole, and allows you to experience different emotions in the live broadcast of an event.

What’s the best interview you ever did?

It is difficult to determine which is the best interview I have done because the focus of my work so far has been on the news and the end product of companies. I really like business stories that have life, that have a nice story, and I often find that in small businesses. I see my way as a journalist in the long term and I definitely have a lot to give in this profession and a lot to interview.

This links to an interview with an entrepreneur who has turned salty land into pomegranate and goji berry production. It is a unique case as this program not only highlights the work of an entrepreneur, but tells the world that you can find quality pomegranates and do business here. Albania has extraordinary potential in agriculture and this is just one success story.

This episode focuses on women in business. The story of how one woman, Ms. Lira Hilaj from Gjirokastra, started her business. It all started when the company where she worked as an economist in Gjirokastra went bankrupt, leaving 40 women without jobs. In order not to leave the women unemployed, Lira opened a business and is a success story in the production of cardboard bags and cooperates with well-known international brands.

In this one, it tells the story of a young girl who returns to Albania from America to build her business in the field of fashion while preserving the Albanian tradition. And today, Alisa Dudaj designs clothes for world celebrities. There are many stories like these in my program, and they all have strong and motivating messages.

Oljana Maloku, broadcasting for TV Klan News. Credits: TV Klan News.

What interview would you like to do, but haven’t had the chance yet?

I still have a lot to give in this profession. There are unusual characters that I have not yet met and interviewed. It has not yet been their turn, or rather, I have not yet found them. My focus has been and will continue to be the Diaspora. I will continue to bring success and failure stories of Albanians around the world. Get to know them better and why not benefit from some of their successes and learn from their journeys. I am and will continue to support new talents, so don’t be surprised if you see completely unknown names in my episodes, because they are the future.

How do you see the role of the media?

The media still plays a very important role in getting important messages out. Especially for people over 50 who believe in the traditional power of the screen. Of course, I don’t see so many young people watching television, because the digital world has its own impact. There is no doubt that the power of media is great in all its forms, be it television, radio, newspapers or social networks. Media is the medium that instills a lot in a society. Like it or not, it influences opinions.

I think traditional media is losing some of its former lustre and the attention it deserves, but if they adapt well, the rapid development of online media, with the traditional media product, then I see a future. If that doesn’t happen, traditional media is a little bit at risk. Today, everyone becomes a journalist by publishing everything they can on social networks, what makes the difference is verification and professionalism, and we find this better than anywhere else on television, because some boundaries are not respected.

What is your vision of the media in 10 years?

Traditional media has to cling to online media to remain stoic. Anyone who does not understand this well, I think, will be at risk and in the future. I see a possible reduction of the media due to the threat of social networks. The media will always be prestigious, but I think many media outlets will not be able to survive in the online media era.

Oljana Maloku, at Pro Business, TV Klan News. Credits: TV Klan News.

Could you tell us an interesting professional anecdote?

One of the endangered professions in the future is news anchoring and presenting. That’s why we often show our journalist friends videos of AI presenting news and say, we don’t have long, we’re also becoming easily replaceable, watch out or we’ll be out of a job. So maybe humans will never be interviewed for this job again, because tomorrow Oljana could be a robot presenter.

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