Mohammad Ryad, News Anchor at Altaghier TV

Mohammad Ryad, News Anchor at Altaghier TV

Media dialogues: Mohammad Ryad
He is a News Anchors for Altaghier TV, a Jordanian television station that defines itself as neutral and independent in order to report on positive changes in the region
14 Jan 2024

This article is part of a series of interviews with people who work in the media to provide the news and views that shape our perceptions of world affairs. Mohammad Ryad, from Altaghier TV and Hayat FM, spoke to UN Today about his life and career in media.

What is your professional background?

Presenter of news and political and economic programs on Iraqi Al-Taghir Channel and Jordanian Radio Hayat FM, with 8 years of experience.

What is the best interview you’ve ever done?

My meeting with the Jordanian Minister of Health Saad Jaber during the Covid-19 crisis, I think it was good because it cleared up misconceptions about vaccines and their importance, and helped educate people on how to deal with the virus.

In addition to this, I have conducted many interviews with ministers and local officials in Iraq and Jordan, and discussed various issues of great importance.

What is the interview you would like to do but haven’t yet been able to do?

An interview with the American president to ask him about the issues of the Middle East, to learn about the future of interference in the affairs of countries in our region, and to know the role that the most powerful country in the world must play in spreading peace in a real way and providing the people of the world with the opportunity to live the democratic experience.

Mohammad Ryad, News Anchor at Altaghier TV.

How do you see the role of the media?

The role of the media is very important in clarifying the truth and conveying the messages to people, spreading awareness about various matters and issues. Today we must adhere to the true message of the media appreciating what it was created for and strive to develop it further.

What is your vision of the media in 10 years?

I believe that professional media that supports just causes will be more successful, as opposed to biased media that is often controlled by governments. This is due to the wider spread of social media and the ease with which people can access real information. An example of this is the war on Gaza and how the people there who know the truth, have no voice. This is when misinformation spreads and the media creates its own narrative.

Mohammad Ryad, News Anchor at Altaghier TV.

Could you tell us an interesting work-related anecdote?

When I heard the story of my colleague who was bombed in Gaza, and how he escaped death several times in a few days. His family believes that he died more than once with the loss of communication, and when he tells us about what he saw in that region, I put myself in his place and understand how difficult it would have been for him. There are challenges in speaking out and continuing this kind of work.

* Julián Ginzo is a member of the Editorial Board of UN Today.
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