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Campus of the Institut International de Lancy © IIL
Institut International de Lancy
4 Jun 2020

Founded in 1903 as College Marie‑Thérèse, the Institut International de Lancy (IIL) is an international school welcoming student from 3 to 19 years old.

With integrated digital learning and a uniformly French and English environment, IIL offers a choice between 3 curriculum paths while providing a comprehensive education for the global citizens of tomorrow.

In the English section, students follow the National Curriculum for England including the IGCSE examinations, preparing them for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma with multilingual exam options (IB World School). Students in the French section follow the Education Nationale curriculum which leads to the Brevet des Collèges and French Baccalaureate diplomas. The IIL Bilingual Primary section combines the strengths of both UK and French curricula to deliver a bespoke curriculum offering the best of both to our students.

The IIL Community stays united around the core values of mutual care and respect, shared with the founders, the Sisters of St Joseph of Lyon. A forward-thinking school, IIL nurtures collaboration, creativity and critical thinking becoming in 2011, the first One to One iPad School in Switzerland. Learner-centric, engaging and collaborative activities are the key to our digital learning approach. Our students discover comprehensive and personalized tools while developing their individual potential. With access to a variety of technologies and continuous support, our education staff explore and develop new methods of teaching, responding to the needs of their classes and students.

In the IIL campus, students of all ages benefit from modern facilities including fully equipped sports halls, auditorium, science labs, art rooms and a brand new STEAM Lab: a creative space, where Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math concepts are woven together to breathe life into novel concepts.

Monique Roiné © Institut International de Lancy

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way the school operates. How do you see the school after COVID?

With confidence working together as a community we succeeded in providing structure and support at all levels. During these challenging times, IIL staff, students and parents have proven exemplary in their dedication and resourcefulness.

Thanks to our integrated digital learning approach, we were prepared to face the Covid-19 crisis from day 1, covering all subjects across the curriculum in all year groups. During confinement, IIL teachers successfully applied their knowledge and expertise to ensure continuity of teaching and learning. As part of our wellbeing support, IIL Physical Education (PE) staff provided online sports classes to staff as well, helping to diminish stress levels to cope with these challenging times.

As of May 11th 2020, in adherence with the instructions of the cantonal authorities regarding the sanitary requirements and procedures, we finalized our “Back to School Safely” Plan putting in place every effort to welcome students and staff in the best possible conditions.

Every staff member at IIL has been informed and updated to strictly respect de-confinement measures but our ultimate hope is to go back to normal and see school life restored.

Our 21st century approach is also reflected through our first-class infrastructure of the IIL campus that allows a greater adaptability to teaching innovations. 

— Monique Roiné Director General of Institut International de Lancy.

How do you differentiate yourself from other international schools in Geneva and its surroundings?

Known for encouraging academic excellence, IIL strives to make students independent, autonomous learners through the use of 21st century approaches to teaching and learning.

Since 2011, we pride ourselves on our international, well established reputation for using information and communication technology in education. IIL has been, since then, playing a pioneer role in Switzerland with the implementation of a One to One iPad programme and as an Apple distinguished school.

Our 21st century approach is also reflected through our first-class infrastructure of the IIL campus that allows a greater adaptability to teaching innovations. Open spaces foster collaboration, creativity and flexibility for peer-to-peer learning and group projects. Through our holistic approach and values, we nurture tomorrow’s world citizens. In this direction, IIL takes the lead and introduces for the first time in Switzerland an integrated, whole-school, anti-bullying programme.

IIL has been accepted as an official member of KiVa schools, a Finnish based programme dedicated to addressing the fundamentals of bullying in terms of prevention, intervention and monitoring. After a full training in Finland, the IIL KiVa team is now ready to train every staff member on the core values and philosophy of KiVa. Classroom teachers will integrate and follow age appropriate prevention and awareness activities for all students. Our goal is to develop a KiVa attitude throughout the school highlighting values of tolerance, respect for differences and self-confidence.

IIL aligns to the Geneva Association of Private Schools (AGEP) fee recommendations. 

— Monique Roiné Director General of Institut International de Lancy.

Children of international civil servants represent a large percentage of the students enrolled in your school. The rules for the reimbursement of school fees have changed, putting a strain on the budget of some families. Do you plan to take measures to remain competitive with other schools?

At IIL, we pride ourselves on a real-world view and therefore strive to maintain competitive fees. For the last few years, our fee policy has been stable, and this has been greatly appreciated by our IIL families. IIL aligns to the Geneva Association of Private Schools (AGEP) fee recommendations.

In terms of competitive measures, at IIL we believe that families select a school that coincides with their values in education and child development. The Institut International de Lancy offers choices in languages, arts, sciences, academic curricula and first-class facilities while preparing students to be well-rounded world citizens of tomorrow. The IIL difference is in our community where each student is an individual and part of the family.

* Monique Roiné is the Director-General of Institut International de Lancy.
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