Authenticity in Central Switzerland
Explore the beauty of the Engelberg-Titlis region
2 Mar 2022

Engelberg-Titlis is the largest winter and summer holiday destination in the Alps of Central Switzerland. While famous for its historical landmark, the monastery, the quaint little village also offers a wide variety of holiday activities for families, visitors and locals alike. We invite you to discover the region for an authentic experience in the heart of Switzerland.

The town of Engelberg is located in a valley just a few kilometers south of Lake Lucerne. At an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, it is the ideal starting point for a great variety of winter activities.

Standing 3,239 meters high, Mount Titlis, together with its majestic glacier, overshadows the alpine panorama. At this altitude, the ski conditions are ideal far into the spring season, making the region an attractive spot for snow sports fans. In fact, only a handful of ski regions can compete with Engelberg and its great variety of ski and free-ride options.

Engelberg is to be said the biggest — and as locals like to brag — presumably also the most beautiful winter sports area in central Switzerland. Spread over an elevation of 2,000 meters, there is space for snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and lots more… a great variety of winter activities to make your vacation worthwhile. There are three sledding runs with a total length of seven kilometers. You can simply rent your sledge on site, then dive right into this action-packed activity, which is fun for both young and old. On Fridays and Saturdays, the toboggan courses are also open in the evening for a quick run.

For fans of endurance training or simply nature lovers, Engelberg has the ideal activity with 35 kilometers of cross-country runs. Another popular winter activity is Nordic walking, long distance fitness with the aid of long walking sticks resembling ski poles. Or, how about surprising your partner with a romantic getaway?

Imagine treating your loved one with an unforgettable ride in a horse-drawn carriage: warm blankets and the gentle swaying motion, all while gliding through the exceptional wintry backdrop, nestled within the snowcapped mountains of the Swiss Alps.

And, for the historians and culturally invested, Engelberg is not only a well known resort, but a winter heaven. The town offers such an assortment of activities that visitors often choose to extend their stay to fully embrace this alpine gem. Engelberg enchants with a distinct and rustic character, and the Benedictine monastery, founded in 1120, still exerts a great impact on the life of the village. Monks live, work, and teach here. The homes — characterized by the Belle Epoque style — are timeless witnesses of that period. In combination with the unmistakably pleasant Swiss flair, the recognizable architecture lends the village its very own charm.

And for snow lovers wanting to embrace the beautiful winter wonderland as unhurriedly as possible, the region has another ace up its sleeve, over 50 kilometers of signposted winter hiking trails just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking to escape the grey of everyday life to find enchantment on the snow-covered mountains of Central Switzerland, then Engelberg offers an array of options that will suit any level of activity, whether action-packed or relaxing, but all of which are sure to delight you.

* Nick Turnell is Project Manager, Market Switzerland at Switzerland Tourism.
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