The GoldenPass Express passing through the vineyards above Montreux Riviera © MOB-GoldenPass

An enchanting journey aboard the GoldenPass Express
Traveling between Montreux, Gstaad and Interlaken by train in comfort
1 May 2024

You might recall Peikert’s posters, famous far beyond our borders. Younger people certainly remember the elegant Pinanfarina design. Sooner or later, everyone will have heard of the extraordinary GoldenPass Express, which National Geographic has named ‘the most beautiful train in the world.’ All aboard!

Launched on 11 December 2022, the GoldenPass Express is an exquisite train like no other. It links the mountains and lakes in the heart of one of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes.

Since then, benefiting from more than a century of technical prowess and know-how, it has been giving travelers access to a captivating journey between Montreux, Gstaad and Interlaken. In just three hours and 15 minutes, tourists can discover the natural beauty of an entire country laid out before them during a relaxing and luxurious experience.

Passengers will first experience the region of Lake Geneva with its lake, palm trees and vineyards, gradually approaching the dense forests and green fields of the canton of Fribourg. Following that, the Pays-d’Enhaut gently engulfs this railway escapade, giving day visitors a glimpse of its typical wooden chalets and many multi-coloured hot air balloons in the sky. Further on, having crossed the linguistic border between the cantons of Vaud and Bern, you reach the Bernese Oberland, much admired by travelers. Passing through the famous village of Gstaad before reaching Zweisimmen, the GoldenPass Express then continues its gentle journey through the heart of the Simmental with its typical churches and then on to Spiez.

Finally, it once again plunges between lake and mountains to reach Interlaken, the terminus and gateway to the Jungfrau region with its famous eternal snow.

The GoldenPass Express marries technology, comfort and gastronomy. Until December 2022, travelers had to change trains twice between Montreux and Interlaken as the rail gauge was not the same over the entire route. In 2021, the Montreux Oberland Benoit’s Railway (MOB) created the impossible: a carriage bogie system with automatic wheel spacing. Due to this invention, 150 years after MOB’s creation in 1873, the mythical GoldenPass Express project was born. Now travelers can enjoy an unbroken journey through mountains, valleys, lakes and peaks aboard this magnificent panoramic train.

A postcard landscape in the Gstaad Saanenland region © Tobias Ryser

Passenger comfort onboard this new modern train is of paramount importance. There are panoramic windows in all travel classes so everyone can totally immerse themselves in the landscape. As well as 1st and 2nd class, there are 18 Prestige seats in two elevated compartments. These luxurious spaces are fitted with exceedingly comfortable, heated and rotatable seats, so you can always be seated facing the direction of travel by asking the train staff. Finally, there is a catering service that can be booked to deliver directly to your seat. It offers a selection of aperitif platters with regional products, caviar and ‘breakfast’ boxes. And as delicious thirst quenchers, there are Lavaux wines and Interlaken beers.

In October 2023, National Geographic honorably ranked the GoldenPass Express as one of the most beautiful trains in the world. Today, four trains run daily, in all seasons, between Montreux and Interlaken. Three of them were named after the main destinations of Montreux, Gstaad and Interlaken. The last one was named ‘Shania Train’ in honor of the train’s godmother, famous singer Shania Twain. Last year, as part of the filming of Swiss Tourism’s annual promotional spot, the GoldenPass Express also had the pleasure of welcoming Roger Federer and Trevor Noah on board!

When will you book your trip? It would be an honour to welcome you on board. See you soon! 


• Four daily departures from Montreux at 07:34, 09:34, 12:34 and 14:34

• Four daily departures from Interlaken at 09:08, 11:08, 14:08 and 16:08

• GA travelcard, day travelcards, Half-Fare travelcard and Swiss Travel Pass are valid

• Reservations are strongly recommended for 1st and 2nd class (CHF 20.- per person) and is mandatory for the Prestige compartment (CHF 49.- per person)

More info: gpx.swiss

* Bruno Maillard wrote this article for MOB-GoldenPass.
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