Woody bicycle tour with e-bike
50km of wellness bicycle tour through Aargau
A region not only famous for its carrot cake but also for its water and wellness facilities
1 Sep 2021

Purest relaxation at the Rheinfelden, Zurzach and Schinznach thermal baths does a world of good – and in hot sulphur springs, the kind you expect to find solely in Iceland, you sink into water of up to 45 degrees Celsius with Switzerland’s highest sulphur content.

Why not explore Aargau on an (e) bike tour?

This varied bike tour leads from Bad Schinznach through the hilly Jura Park to Rheinfelden. The hard work pays off: again and again you are rewarded with the most beautiful views of the deep-blue Aare, golden autumnal forests, wildly romantic floodplains and the Rhine. The “sole uno” thermal baths are a perfect end to the 50-kilometre bicycle tour.

Along the Aare River

In the heart of idyllic parkland lies the Kurhotel Im Park with its multitude of wellness and spa facilities, including the most powerful and finely balanced sulphur mineral spring in Switzerland. The sulphur waters are a balm to both body and soul: they relax you and lower your blood pressure.

The tour begins with a ride along the Aare River and through the vibrant autumnal colors of the forest. At Brugg, the river is left behind. It starts to become hillier as you reach the Aargau Jura.

Welcome to a lush green world

The Aargau Jura is a landscape of verdant valleys framed by mountains. Nestled between the Aare and Rhine rivers lies the largest natural recreation area between Basel and Zurich. The unique and expansive hillscape in the Jura Park invites you to get out and enjoy exploring. Autumn is particularly beautiful, with the forests, vineyards and orchards truly resplenent with colour.

A break at the famous Linn lime tree (Linner Linde)

The wonderful view from the lime trees invites visitors to linger a while. Under the shade of these majestic trees stop to savor some regional delicacies while enjoying the view. The large-leaved lime tree, which is some 800 years old, is considered to be the biggest tree in Aargau. This unique natural power spot recharges our energy reserves for the rest of the tour.

The path passes by the Linn Waterfall, the tallest in Aargau, as you climb up and down the hills of the Jura Park. The Aargau villages that we pass by are all different one from the next. The landscape becomes steadily less hilly until you finally catch a glimpse of the sparkling blue Rhine near Stein. The route now follows the river, passing through ranges of golden forests along the way. This brings us close to our destination of Rheinfelden, where relaxation awaits.

Destination “wellness” reached

Since the 19th century, sole uno in Rheinfelden has held the power of the sea. Guests can lose themselves in bubbling outdoor pools, relax in the spacious indoor pool, float weightlessly in the intensive saltwater pool or work up a sweat in the sauna.

The Rheinfelder Natursole is one of the most powerful saltwater springs in Europe. The water flows up from a depth of 200 metres through the salt and is piped directly into the Parkresport spa. The water is mixed with Rheinfelden drinking water and heated to between 33 and 36°C to release its health benefits.

Beautiful oldtown of Rheinfelden

The tour continues from Rheinfelden along the river Rhine. Along the way you pass through a myriad of small towns that invite visitors to linger a while. The end of our trip is Bad Zurzach, which boasts the largest open-air thermal bath in Switzerland. The sodium sulphate spring waters in the thermal bath work their revitalising magic. At a lovely 39.9°C, the waters flow up from 430 metres underground to the surface where they then flow directly into the pool. The restorative and relaxing effect of the waters can be experienced at first hand here.

Where to rent a bike?

Obviously at rentabike.ch. Rent a bike offers uncomplicated e-bike and bike rentals at almost every major swiss train station.

Wellness Pass

Well-being, enjoyment and relaxation – the Wellness Pass grants you access to the three wellness and thermal baths in Bad Schinznach, Rheinfelden and Zurzach. The wellness pass is available at Aargau Tourism – aargautourismus.ch/geniessen

Why not stop at one of the many beautiful castles in Aargau?

– Wildegg: Nestled between Aarau and Brugg and visible for miles around, Wildegg Castle was built by the Habsburgs in the first half of the 13th century. The baroque working farm and pleasure gardens are located on a terrace in the middle of vineyards and are home to nearly 300 ancient crop varieties.

– Lenzburg: Once upon a time a dragon lived on the hill. It was slain by two noble knights, Wolfram and Guntram, who henceforth were allowed to live on Dragon Mountain. Legend has it, that this is how Lenzburg Castle, one of the most important hilltop castles in Switzerland, came to be. – Habsburg: From a distance the term “double castle” makes little sense, but as soon as you stand on the grounds of the Habsburg Castle all becomes clear: Only the foundations of the front castle, which was built around 1000 years ago, still stand – while at the rear you spy a whole castle royally perched on the hill at the height of Bad Schinznach.

* Nick Turnell is Project Manager, Market Switzerland at Switzerland Tourism.
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